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Stumbo Family Foundation

We created a family foundation to help give voice to those who are 
sometimes unable to speak for themselves.  Whether helping raise 
greater autism awareness, domestic violence awareness, helping the less

fortunate, or other important social issues, we strive to always give back to our 
communities.  We not only believe the phrase, 
"To whom much has been given, much is expected", 
we do our best to live it.

Mission Statement

    The Stumbo Family Foundation Incorporated was formed in an effort to further raise awareness of various causes that we, as a family, have supported through the years, as well as enhance fund raising efforts to benefit these organizations and those we will partner with in the future. As many before us have said, to whom much has been given, much is required.


The following are central to the success of our foundation:

Community Involvement

    We feel both a personal and a professional obligation to better our communities through both raising awareness and raising funds for organizations that display good civic involvement and share our ideologies.  Good stewardship, volunteerism and fund raising are fundamental to the success of these organizations.  We believe in order for us to grow and prosper, we have to assist others in doing the same.

Social Awareness

    We are keenly aware of our social responsibilities and take them very seriously.  We will continue to foster our existing relationships with various organizations who also work for the betterment of our Commonwealth, as well and pursue other alliances with groups who desire to make differences in the lives of fellow Kentuckians.

Open and Accessible

    We strive to keep all of our information readily available for public review.  As we have formed this foundation with assisting those in need as our top priority, it is our intention to be adaptive to changes in social and economic climate.